You have just bought a new, beautiful blooming Bromeliad. from your Garden Center, Florist; Nursery or Grocery Store, now what? First you want to find a decorative container for your new Bromeliad. Next, finding the right place in your home, office or lobby is a must to show off your Bromeliad for the fullest enjoyment, is a must. Do not put your new plant in the full sun, near a hot light bulb or next to a window that can act as a magnifying glass with the sun and burn your plant. Low to bright-defused light will be just fine.

After your Bromeliad has found the perfect spot, next comes the care of your plant. The BIGGEST mistake is over watering your new plant! ! ! Remember, when your plant is in a container where water can sit and not drain, your Bromeliad can rot! Put a half-cup of water in the center of the plant known as the “cup" of the Bromeliad. Next, water the mix where the plant is in with another half-cup of water. When the mix dries out, then, and only then add another half-cup of water. In most cases, watering is only once a week, but you need to determine the exact watering cycle in your situation by checking your plant symptoms. A "'rolled" leaf indicates too little water and you need to get a lot of water fast to the .'cup" of the plant.. Likewise, when the center of the “cup” dries out, add another half-cup of water .Your Bromeliad will love a misting all over from a quart sprayer once or twice a week. Good air movement by your plant prolongs it's life and health.

                   Why have a Bromeliad in your home or office?
                   1.) Because it is visually pleasing!
                   2.) It makes you feel good inside and helps relieve stress!
                   3.) Bromeliads help take toxins out of the air and replace fresh 
                        oxygen back in the air! It is very healthy for you!
                   4.) NEED MORE INFORMATION? Read our book on Bromeliads.

 The Book of Bromeliads & Hawaiian Tropical Flowers

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